Digital Secrets in the Shadows

A young woman in a black coat, boots and a red wooly hat checks her phone while leaning against a wall.

Against a wall adorned with white arrows, a young woman with foxy red hair leans motionless, her face illuminated by the eerie glow of her phone.

As shadows creep in from the corners of the scene, she remains lost in her digital world, completely engrossed in the screen.

The bright red woolly hat atop her head stands out in stark contrast to her black coat, boots, and bag, drawing attention to her enigmatic presence in the dim surroundings.

Focal length24mm
Shutter speed1/250s

By Donncha

Donncha Ó Caoimh is a software developer at Automattic and WordPress plugin developer. He posts photos at In Photos and can also be found on Twitter.

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