A near miss

A woman crossing the road waves nervously at an ambulance that went through a red light to an emergency

As a woman was crossing the road, she noticed an ambulance approaching with its sirens blaring. The ambulance had broken a red light but wasn’t driving particularly fast. She looked both ways and realized she had the right of way and could continue walking across the road.

As the ambulance got closer, she waved nervously at the driver to let him know she was aware of his presence. The ambulance driver slowed down and came to a stop just a few feet away from the woman. She continued on her way, feeling relieved that the driver had been paying attention and had stopped in time.

She couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude towards the ambulance driver, who had taken the time to slow down and stop for her, even though he was on his way to an emergency. She continued on her way, grateful for the safe and uneventful crossing.

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As a woman was crossing the road, she suddenly heard the blaring sirens of an ambulance behind her. She turned around to see the ambulance rushing towards her at full speed, and she knew that she had to act quickly.

The woman’s heart started racing as she realized the danger she was in. The ambulance was coming at her so fast that she had no time to think. Her instinct was to run, but she knew that could be even more dangerous. Instead, she waved her arms frantically, hoping that the driver would see her and stop in time.

The ambulance driver was focused on his task of getting to the emergency as quickly as possible. He was not paying attention to the people around him until he saw the woman waving nervously in front of him. In that split second, he slammed on the brakes, bringing the speeding ambulance to a screeching halt just inches from the woman.

As the ambulance came to a stop, the woman breathed a sigh of relief. She realized how close she had come to being hit and was grateful to be alive. She looked up at the driver, who had now gotten out of the ambulance to make sure she was okay. She could see the fear and concern in his eyes.

The woman smiled at the driver, trying to reassure him that she was fine. She was amazed by his quick reflexes and skillful driving that had saved her life. She knew that he had a difficult job and that he was doing his best to help those in need.

After the woman had crossed the road, the ambulance driver got back into his vehicle and continued on his way to the emergency. The woman watched as the ambulance disappeared into the distance, feeling grateful for the dedicated and courageous people who work in emergency services.

In conclusion, the woman’s experience of crossing the road in front of a speeding ambulance highlights the importance of being aware of our surroundings and being prepared for unexpected situations. It also shows us the vital role that emergency services play in our lives and the risks that they take every day to keep us safe. We should always be grateful and supportive of these brave men and women who put their lives on the line to help others.

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