My comfortable Pets

A cat on a bed looking at the camera

First up is Hoppy. She’s around 13 and only has three legs but she’s a fast mover. In the past she didn’t mind the cold but now she likes to avoid it.

A cat on a bed looking at the camera

Here’s Mommy Cat. She’s Hoppy’s mom.

She’s around 16 as best we can guess, as she was around for a few years before she brought her kittens in to us.

For years, she would never come into the house, but now she spends 99% of the day inside, asleep. She doesn’t go any further than the garden now.

We can’t touch her as she’ll take a swipe at us if we do, but we still love her.

A chihuahua in a bed looking at the camera

Then there’s Diego, our chihuahua. He was 8 this year. A middle aged dog with a special diet and who absolutely loves cuddles.

The cats and him sort of ignore each other, but if the cats get a treat, Diego makes sure that we know he wants one too.

It’s so very cold outside but Hoppy, Mommy Cat and Diego are inside in the warmth and putting up with me taking photos of them.

Focal length24mm
Shutter speed1/60s

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