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Kingfisher Mural

Kingfisher Mural

The kingfisher mural on St. Paul’s Avenue is a very striking painting that maybe not many people have appreciated. It’s painted on the side of a house that is the entrance to a busy car park, without a pavement opposite so there isn’t that much foot traffic. What traffic there is, is made up of drivers navigating 3 narrow lanes who certainly aren’t looking up to admire this gorgeous painting by Curtis Hylton.

I was surprised to learn that the mural was completed in 2019. I imagined it was newer but then, there probably weren’t many murals painted in 2020. Mick wrote about the mural here where you can find more details about it.

Aperture ƒ/8
Camera ILCE-7M3
Focal length 16mm
ISO 125
Shutter speed 1/200s

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