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Fort Camden

Fort Camden overlooks Cork Harbour near Crosshaven and was abandoned years ago. I’ve never been inside but Joleen Cronin and Siobhan Russell were and took some amazing photographs of this decaying military fort.

Lots of photos in the post above, on Abandoned Ireland too, with forum discussion on

In 2010 a 4 man team Vince Farr, Noel Condon, Paul Brierly and Skully formed the Rescue Camden group.
With the help of Noel O’Driscoll (Cork Co. Council) in July 2010 restoration work finally began.
22 July 2010.
The handing over of the key to the RESCUE CAMDEN Committee
In 1938 The British Navy marched out of the fortress for the last time, handing it over in pristine condition to the Irish free-state army.
Sadly, since then Fort Camden has been neglected, and recently it has been systematically vandalized. Not one single part of this stunning facility has been left undamaged.

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No website yet – but just give me time! Your type of site is so important – to show how much has changed in so little a time . I am from Ranelagh and every year at around Christmas time I take photos of the Village . I stand on one side of the road and take a photo of each shop and then I go 15 feet further and take a shot of the next shop . This takes about 2 hours . I have been doing this for the past 6 years and I am so sorry I did not think of this when I arrived here , about 20 years ago. I am now trying to start a website of this modern history of Ranelagh . I really think that there should be someone nominated for each village in Ireland to do that and a collection of the changes would then be recorded.But you would be astounded at the number of changes that have accoured here in Ranelagh . Some shops have changed each year and some have not changed at all. The photos I have of course are not half as good as yours but they are only “Records”I use a Finepix S8000fd
I got your site through WordPress, while trying to start a website .(I am still trying)
And of course ,Thanks very much.

Gary – put your site on and please comment here again with a link. I’d say put one location into each post so people can see the changes to each shop over the years. It’s probably frightening how much change, especially now that shops are closing 🙁

Very good job done, I served in Fort Camden in the 1960-67.

When I visited the Fort last year, it was an Open Day, I was amazed that the Old Fort had been recked.

Vistited on the 18th June 2011, met a few old buddies, great work done, look forward to a visit again.

Keep up the good work.
All the best of good luck.

For some reason I only got your reply today , 1st July 2011. Anyway , thanks very very much and I am still at my website . What really impressed me was the way that the origional photos and the new photos seemed to be taken from the exact same position. I have seen photographers trying to use this system before ( I would say that there is a technical name for the technique)but never as accuratly as that .

Thanks a lot and definitly keep up the good work!

Garry Murphy

Hi Garry
Thank you for your reply, you are doing a very good job of high-lighting that a lot of work has to done at Camden, but a good team are in place now.

Will drop down again to have a look around.

All the best

Garry – Andy left that comment the day before, and it was moderated until it appeared. I’m paranoid about letting spammers through to my posts unfortunately.

I visited Fountainstown yesterday (it was packed!) and saw all the signs for Camden Fort on my way down. I’ll have to get down there some weekend for a look around while it’s still open!

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