The irony is lost on Paul


It’s about time I posted this. Months ago this photo on Flickr was spammed by a company selling “all of categories for industries and life”.

I’m sure he never looked closely at the title of the image or translated it in to his local language.. 🙂

Flickr Support promptly removed this individual’s comment and replied,

Dear Sir:

I am a vice director of Flickr Report Abuse Co., Ltd to
supply all of categories for photo-sharing industries and

I am content to contact you for deleting this business.


I had to read it twice, but cracked me up once I got it! 🙂




  1. Reply
    robert March 23, 2009

    Hah! That’s pretty good.

    It would make you wonder how much business these guys get from spamming flickr?

  2. Reply
    Matty March 23, 2009

    If you actually click on his link you get a brilliant “phongflickr2008 doesn’t have anything available to you.” message!

  3. Reply
    Richard March 23, 2009

    I suppose they might think that they could make industries and life out of st. patrick’s day!

  4. Reply
    Donncha March 24, 2009

    Heh. I got a humorous reply from Flickr. See above for the updated post!

  5. Reply
    robert March 24, 2009

    That’s a brilliant reply from Flickr!

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