Hotel Los Fariones

hotel los fariones

Snow? Ice? Cold rain and biting wind? What are you talking about? Look at the sunshine streaming down through the palm trees! The swimming pool is nice and refreshing.

I can dream can’t I? This is the view from our room in Hotel Los Fariones in Puerto Del Carmen. Lovely hotel, and while we were there in May 2006 it was nice and quiet. Breakfast is great, although their sausages tasted strange and I still remember that almost 3 years later. Beds were *very* hard. My wife and I had to get a massage by the end of our stay to get rid of the aches and pains from lying on them.

By the last weekend it was busier and I swear, I know it’s an urban myth, but I heard German tourists rushing out to put their towels on the pool loungers first thing in the morning. Looks like I’m not the only one to experience this early morning rush:

  1. Sun lounger towel annexation declared illegal
  2. German sun lounger issue settled
  3. Sun lounger law rules towels illegal
  4. If I actually used the loungers much (I prefered to use them in the late afternoon when it was cooler) I should have followed the advice in the comments here.

    The trick to beating this tactic and not having to deal with the angry sunbather when they return is to leave the towel on the ground and move the entire chair somewhere else.

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Dear God, It’s like giving up chocolate for lent and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! We used to stay in the Suitehotel next door to this one as it was easier to feed the kids at midday. Still, down to Routa66 for a mojito. I think the Fariones is a particularly Cork thing.

On the towels thing, I noticed the Germans as well. I don’t mind it but they don’t come down until lunchtime! A couple of errant kids with smelly nappies will do wonders for your personal space!

Great ‘seasonal’ photo as well.

Seems, that there are never enough chairs for the tourists, isn´t it?
(As I´m German I would first wonder about that problem: Why don´t they offer enough chairs for their guests? 😉

But as I never do have these problems while on holidays throughout the world, here one question:
How do you keep your chair reserved while having a short bath in the pool?

Maybe that would be a solution to the problem that Germans could adapt……

I suppose the best way to reserve the chair while bathing is to put the towel on it, but putting the towel on the chair in the morning (and leaving) is selfish, no matter who does it.

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