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Lisbon Treaty Referendum 2

Lisbon Treaty 2

So, it’s confirmed. The Irish didn’t vote the way the Government or the EU wanted and we have to vote again. I wonder if there will be a third referendum if we dare to vote No again?

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19 replies on “Lisbon Treaty Referendum 2”

It’s not the first time they’ve done this either eh 😉

Democracy’s great. If the people make the ‘wrong’ decision, you just keep asking them over and over again until they can no longer be bothered to vote.

No, it certainly isn’t the first time. I hear they’re making a Terminator 4 movie. If that dead donkey can be flogged a 4th time I’m sure the referendum still has some life left in it!


Until we strike oil/gold or can float the island over to Boston we’re stuck with the sausage eaters and cheese sniffers so we might as well ‘suck it up’.

We need to separate the idiots in the wheel house of HMS Ireland and the whole Europe thing.

I firmly believe that the irish people will vote no in their droves, mainly because FF are still running, i say running for want of a better phrase.
if FF really want to get this treaty to pass in the next referendum then they should step down.
people just want to give Ff a good ould ringsend uppercut to get how they feel about FF.
but FF will not listen the longer they remain in power the more money they can milk out of the state and line their baskets.
i’ll be voting no.

lol! whoever did that ad probably voted No. I can see what they think people would read out of it, but another thing they could read (with a bit of cultural mashup) is “the lisbon treaty …is pants”

Richard – true, I wonder if the treaty would have been passed if it was run now instead of last Spring? I’m sure I have a photo or two of some of the more hysterical No posters. I voted No last time, btw.

Kae – LOL.

Hi everyone,

I hope Ireland will vote NO again. As almost one of the only countries where people are really asked please do me the favour to show the EU once again what freedom means!

Best wishes from Germany!!

rest assured i’ll be voting no, the main reason why is because of the twats that are running this country or should i say ruining.
the only way it will be passed is if fianna fail get out and call a general election

I voted yes…………….but only because my job allows me to see a different perspective on things. This means I don’t have to get caught up in the hopeless propaganda that both sides peddled last time around.

While I don’t agree with the government having the vote again, effectively ignoring the people’s voice, I do think the NO vote in the original referendum was more than slightly scewed by people voting no in protest to the government rather than in protest to Lisbon

I can’t help wondering, if people register they’re ‘protest vote’ by spoiling their ballot or not voting will Lisbon 2 even have enough votes to stand?

Lisbon 2 will cost over 25million, we are supposed to be in recession! The Irish Government has got its priorities wrong, but then when in the Tanaistes own area, Donegal – Planning Corruption is allowed. If the Lisbon Treaty was passed and then further removes responsibilities from Ireland then our Politicians would say “Corruption is not our fault”.

Ireland has lost enough with loosing fishing rights, our heritage and now our Irish Identity. The Government want to remove our Constitutional Rights.

When will Governments learn No means No.

I think its a disgrace that we are being asked to vote again on something we have already rejected, if anything we would be voting to ensure we never have a vote again, Voting to take away our vote is reason enough to Vote No.. besides all the other reasons this should be reason enough..

The Lisbon Treaty is a move towards Not just European central control but eventually a World Government… the plans of which have been laid out for a very long time…

I know Europe has been good in some aspects for Ireland, but these benefits could be there without handing over full control to unelected monkeys in Europe..

It’s a disgrace that members of the European Parliament had a debate the other day on the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, the same Treaty that was defeated in Ireland and – according to the EU’s own rules – is now dead…

wake up People..

yes i agree if its passed this time round we will never be allowed to vote on any treaties or anything else to do with europe again.
i’m voting no again, and probably again lol

It is now obvious that the fleeting illusion of wealth dubbed the ‘celtic tiger’ was just the other side of the coin that has now brought record unemployment, bust and bankruptcy to Ireland, who would have been better off if she had never joined the eurozone in the first place. Instead of acknowledging this fact the federasts line is that Ireland needs the eu more than ever and will use this to try and scare the voters into voting for more of what caused the mess in the first place! This is the lie we must expose, again and again. The last thing we need is to be locked into a system that will condemn us to eternal submission to an anti-democratic totalitarian state that cares not one bit about our welfare – only caring that we submit. Vote NO, as many times as it takes.

I’ll be voting NO.
Not to pay back the government (even though I don’t support FF), Not because I’m against foreign workers, products and culture.
But because I’m against faceless unelected individuals that draw up and implement the new EU laws. The public voters should be able to pass and reject laws on a case by case basis and not be forced to accept all the contents of an enormous document.
If each individual proposal in the treaty had a Yes/No box to tick that would be great, and it would also decrease the risk of people voting yes to the whole thing due to being duped by a few rosey proposals.

Im glad to see that the still is a strong sentiment against the lisbon treaty down in the Republic. Im from the north of ireland, but consider myself Irish. If I could vote in this, then I would certainly vote No (both times).

Please Vote NO on for me and for many people in Germany and everywhere in europe. This lisbon treaty will change the EU into a military dictatorship elsewhere called a Junta. They will have their own army to force unwilling nations into their plans. Don’t let this happen, this may be our last chance stopping a fascist EU. People all over europe dream of a united democracy of free Europe. This EU ins’t that dream.

Please vote NO, you have already turned the Lisbon treaty down, what has changed since then ?
to ask again is a insult to democracy and freedom
and this tells you what the EU is about, i would never sign something i havent read, let alone couldnt read,
this Lisbon treaty is like signing a blank contract, extreamly dangerous,
Best wishes from Iceland
the country that will NEVER EVER JOIN EU.

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