Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle, as seen from the pavement outside with benches going off into the distance like a moat stopping the tourists trampling on the lawn.

More corrupted images this evening and a few I didn’t want to lose including family shots and a couple of long exposure night scene. Email sent off to Warehouseexpress looking for a replacement. Will keep you posted.

Aperture ƒ/4
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 10mm
ISO 400
Shutter speed 1/30s




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    Donncha November 19, 2008

    Now this is weird. For the last few months I’ve been using the card reader in my LCD monitor and it’s been fine, but when I tried the corrupted card in an external card reader the images were read off it ok! Phew! Email sent to Warehouseexpress with the good news!

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    Mattias Wirf November 23, 2008

    Oh, thats a great perspective on the benches 🙂

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