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Spencer Tunick photoshoot in Blarney Co. Cork, Ireland

As luck would have it, one of the more famous or perhaps notorious photographers of our time, Spencer Tunick, is shooting in Blarney, where I live, tomorrow morning.

Update on Jun 8th, 2009 – I’ve justed posted a small gallery of Spencer Tunick photos as his website is down.

It’s no great secret now, even Ray D’Arcy revealed the location on his radio programme this morning. He’ll be revealing a lot more in a few hours time.. Anyway, it all happens very early in the morning, at a time when most sensible people will be snuggled up in bed and that probably includes me. If I do feel the urge to visit Blarney Castle at dawn I’m sure all I’ll photograph will be groups of dazed and tired volunteers stumbling from buses, full clothed. I have no desire to shoot any naked skin.

Spencer – if you’re reading this, I’d love to go to shoot a portrait of yourself, and perhaps grab an autograph!

There are lots of people looking for Spencer Tunick’s Blarney photoshoot!

By Donncha

Donncha Ó Caoimh is a software developer at Automattic and WordPress plugin developer. He posts photos at In Photos and can also be found on Twitter.

13 replies on “Spencer Tunick photoshoot in Blarney Co. Cork, Ireland”

That was Fun!!! but FREEEEEEEEEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can we bring anyone to the post installation on wednesday or is it strictly for participants( one person per ticket?)

Turned up early, before three and settled down to a cold and sometimes wet wait. God buzz o voices around me; cool enough and not much to entertain except for the chat.
A couple of announcements over the hand held tannoy, more waiting, an overview from the man himself and more waiting, an finally somewhere around 5.30 when there was light in the sky, the call to get the kit off. Delighted crowd did so at varying speeds, but in all pretty quick. While we all walked towards the first location I was impressed by the amount of warmth in the air caused by our shared body heat, I could feel it collectively radiating and creating our own environ to keep us warm. The film March of the penguins came to mind, as well as a sort of Stanley Kubrik vision of homo-saps strolling through the trees into civilisation. Also the tattoos, I know that there a pile of tattoo shops in Cork, and by the amount I saw floating on pale skins in the emerging morning light, business has indeed been brisk).
Anyway lost from my friends I made new ones and we waited to be sorted out for our first pose. I was not impressed with the command ST instilled, he has been doing this for a while but quite a few of his directions were landing somewhere between, silly (“the gentleman there with the tattoo could move to the right” – at least half of the field wonder if it is he that ST is addressing) – and of course, my right, your right, stage right?
But we, in time arrived at his composition, and he asked us to be serious and still for the image, which must have required a long exposure, given the available light, and Spencer was polite, encouraging and grateful for our engagement. We re-located having collected the roses, representing our red and white city, and went through the same even and regulated displacement of population to accommodate the suitable space, could the existing government of this country instill compliance to deceatralise as quietly? We held our roses as still as we could, there was some shivering going on and my toes were blue, but we held poses, and accepted to lie on the dew laden grass with suitable groans and banter, real Cork banter that makes us all giggle in the chest (another thing about this exercise is that anything that is said is mined with possible double entrendés). We could see roses quivering in our shaking hands, and a crow flew over us, what a sight for crow, around a thousand bellies and all in one field, then a woman’s voice called out, a possibility that we all had in our minds, that crow might let a little offering slip…giving arise to further chuckle, not on Spencer’s agenda, but he seemed to bear with our character.

That section over, and we could return to grassy area we ha shed our clothes in, and again I was amazed at the amount of warmth that was now coming from the ground we had instilled our bodily warmth into, or was I back into the March of the penguins mode again, or were we all becoming a collective like those penguins, and who was the king?

Lady’s up to the Castle was next on the agenda, the light was certainly dramatic and promised to shine beautifully on skin, but it seemed to take a long time to devise, or construct the next shot, and I did think that there were some sublime “decisive moments” lost, however it’s not my gig, I am merely a unique, differently shaped body amongst a number of extraordinarily uniquely shaped bodies, offering our form and enjoying the experience of this slightly different and new form of formality. There was much more done, including slipping up to kiss the Blarney stone (with the assistance of the regular operative, who manages to keep you from plummeting to the ground, usually in full acceptable social and weather inclined clothing).

There is a lot more to tell, he river, the ladies only which I was not at, good co-ordination by the Midsummer Festival team and fantastic nature of the models, thank goodness it did not drizzle or rain, but we are inclement to and understanding of the weather possibilities. At about 8.30 as promised, or perhaps a little later, headed for home. A good day. I did have commitments for the day, so no sleep, and hey! thanks for the energy everyone that was there, doing it.

I’m pretty sure he said you could bring one or two people with you to the party! It’s just the 2nd day installation that was 1 person per ticket, I thought.

Hey was there a 2nd day of work too?

Did anybody go to the Pav last night? I only found out about it on the Peoples Republic of Cork website, I didn’t see any yellow tickets going around the place…

Also does anyone know if we will have a choice of a limited edition print to choose from?

What happened in the pav last night? Had he any of the Cork work on display?

Tell me tell me !! ha ha. Seriously though what was goingon there?

Spencer made an announcement to all the girls while we were up on the hill and gave out tickets up there. I didn’t go but I had a ticket. I think it was just a party.

My wife and i went to the Pav – nonody asked us for the ticket but we only had one between us. Met Spencer and had a photo taken with him, (clothed!!). Spoke to the crew about whether or not we would get two different photos as we were there as a couple, but they said they would probably be a print of the most representative.

The second shoot on the Wed was in White St car park, (same place they had the grafitti and urban fest a couple of years ago). Apparently the 50 or so women were covered in foam, a al Manumission in Ibeza.

Heard that Blarney castle will be making a postcard from one or more of the prints, so that would be a great one to send to Aunty!!

Glad I wasn’t at the Dublin installation. Looked like a throughly miserable event. No one I know heard anything about a party or the Pav. How did I miss that?? 4 months was what I was told it would take for a print to be sent on. In the digital age that seems a phenomenally long wait. Should be a nice companion piece on the mantlepiece to go with my wedding photos taken at the same location. Ha Ha

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