Call of the evening

A bird atop the light outside my house calls into the glowing evening sky heralding the end of 2007.

After walking Oscar I had to grab my camera and shoot the beautiful evening sky. The background was this colour, there’s no trickery here except a little vignetting and sharpening.




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    Flickr: Tim the sailor April 7, 2008

    Its a beauty!

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    Flickr: click_click April 7, 2008

    Excellent shot. Very beautiful and full of imagination. Great work

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    Flickr: Pete Connolly April 6, 2008

    Great shot Donncha. Very minimal, but with some action going on. Very nice.

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    Flickr: nature_lover April 7, 2008

    I think this is a great image !
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    Flickr: Trostan April 7, 2008

    Almost a total silhouette, this is great work !

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    Flickr: Donav2007 April 8, 2008

    great silhouette!!!

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    Thank you all for commenting! Amazing what you can find just outside your home isn’t it?

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    Flickr: yellowdwarfs April 7, 2008

    Very Poe. love it.

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    Donal April 8, 2008

    Cool shot Donn. Nicely composed too.

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    frankp April 11, 2008

    oh wow… love this one.

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    cedsaid April 14, 2008

    This is an aweshome shot! It’s so modern and quirky.

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    jashy May 16, 2008

    nonfigurative picture

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