Mountain Daffodil

A daffodil in the garden of a house in the hills north east of Bantry Bay. I drove up there last Saturday morning and stopped when I saw the open gate. Wandering in the driveway I took a few shots of the view and then noticed these daffodils growing.

I prefer the daffodils. The day was too gloomy and the view wasn’t that great.

Dedicated to the memory of the three young men who lost their lives today in nearby Dunboy Castle.




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    Flickr: {waynette} March 1, 2008

    ohhh where is this coming up now?

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    Waynette – you were fast off the ball commenting! I didn’t even have the description entered! This was shot in a beautiful part of Ireland call Bantry when we were there last weekend on holiday.

    I have many more photos from the trip to post!

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    always good to have something that cheers you up like that.

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    scruss March 9, 2008

    Glad to know that somewhere in the world there are flowers. Snow is at window sill level in Toronto …

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    Flickr: A blond-Tess March 19, 2009


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