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Sneak peak at the Canon 450D

DPReview have a hands on preview of the new Canon 450D DSLR! Specs look impressive, and as the Canon 400D is still being manufactured and sold I’m sure there’ll be some great deals on the older camera.

They also have a report listing what has changed since the Canon 400D. 12MP sensor, spot metering, 3″ LCD, auto lighting, something called highlight tone priority and more. Are you tempted yet? Must keep credit card in wallet …

Canon 450D

No, I’m not that tempted. The Canon 20D will do me for at least another year! (via Treasa)

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4 replies on “Sneak peak at the Canon 450D”

I’ve wanted a DSLR for a while but never had the spare funds to consider getting one (or possibly the spare time to justify it), so for the time being I’m in Point and Shoot land.

I had a Canon Powershot A95 for a few years, but the CCD was starting to go barmy, so I’ve given up on it and picked up a Ricoh Caplio GX100. It’s about the closest I’m going to get to a DSLR for a while I think, and I’m enjoying the wide angle lens.

I’m hoping to get a bit of a photo blog going at some point, but there’s so many other things going on at the moment that it might have to wait as well. In the meantime I’m going to try and capture some nice photos from up here in Longford so that I have a bit of a collection on which I can rely when things are miserably grey and wet as they often are…

What I like about the 450D specs is the larger [than my 10D] LCD screen AND with live preview, and especially the extra tonal range which the 16 bit thingie will produce.

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