Shih Tzu on a sunset beach

Our Shih Tzu Oscar on Garrettstown Beach again. We forgot to bring a ball with us but Oscar went running after anything I threw.

He never did catch the object. I guess there’s nothing quite like a tennis ball eh?

I love the evening sun on him in this picture!




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    Flickr: Pete Connolly January 26, 2008

    Very nice Donncha. The light is excellent and there’s a really good DOF. Good one.

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    Flickr: bigeoino January 25, 2008

    great shot – love the tail action.
    (but does his eye not scare you?)

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    justin January 28, 2008

    Gorgeous photo & brilliant lighting, Donncha.

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    Kaede January 29, 2008

    nice photo and i love shi tzu too. i have one i call him river. here is a link where you can see his picture. river picture

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    […] this photo is very similar to this beach photo. They were taken moments apart. I’m running low on prepared images, it’s after 9pm and […]

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    Flickr: Yeni LianTy February 11, 2008

    I love it too!!! <3 I have to take my shih tzu to a beach one of these days… he’d definitely have a field day!

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    Beach Dog July 26, 2008

    Oh my what a darling Shih Tzu, he is such a cutie ! We have 2 Shih Tzu’s, one is Rico and other is Mandy. I wish I could take them to the beach !

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