Mr Whirly the ice cream man

An ice cream van in December? Yes, Mr Whirly was in Kinsale. Obviously someone isn’t bothered by the cold!




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    tindandt January 22, 2008

    Amazing photo!!!

    I experiment with the shutter speed too, but not with such great results

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    joseph sator January 23, 2008

    wow! this is amazing .. i cant believe an ice cream man using this van to deliver their product! hope it’ll have that kind here in the Philippines!

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    joseph sator January 23, 2008

    lets exachange link thanks add me up: , i’ve already added you on my blogroll thanks!

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    Flickr: katiecor January 23, 2008

    we have one of these stop outside our house at certain times all year round and have been known to indulge on the odd occasion!

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    Mr Whirly April 3, 2009

    […] the first time I shot this particular ice cream van […]

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