Relaxing on Panna

Young and old women relax on St. Patrick Street in the glorious sunshine about a month ago.




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    Budi June 5, 2006

    i love the middle one, she’s my type 🙂

    love the story of the photo, did she notice being photographed?

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    micki June 5, 2006

    I noticed the gentleman crossing between the pretty young ladies and the van. Seems like a tight fit, and maybe he could’ve found a wider place to cross; but then he couldn’t have got a close look. Nice catch!

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    Donncha June 5, 2006

    I don’t they spotted me as this is a cropped version of the photo I took. I was just another guy walking past.. with a big bloody camera wrapped around my arm but people seem to not notice that thankfully!
    It’s awful driving down Patrick Street these days. People saunter across the road even with when a car is bearing down on them! He could of course have been keeping an eye out for the girls too! 😉

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