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Chemtrails Conspiracy

Look up. The trails of cloud or “chemtrails” left by planes could be poisoning you! Really! It’s all on the Internet!

The Chemtrail conspiracy theory claims that some trails left behind jet aircraft are different in appearance and quality from those of normal contrails, may be composed of harmful chemicals, and are being deliberately produced, and covered up by the government. These unusual trails are referred to as “chemtrails” (a portmanteau of “chemical trails”).

Pictured a few meters from Think Superwoman.

Aperture ƒ/5.6
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 20mm
ISO 400
Shutter speed 1/25s

By Donncha

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4 replies on “Chemtrails Conspiracy”

Here’s my last comment at the contrail science website;

It’s fairly involved,
I’m now going to escape to POTENTIALLY chew on the chaff wafting about (may waft for more than a day before

Oh interestingly, the comment below doesn’t act as though I submitted it at the website this time, maybe too
long not sure…

It would take a while to sift through all this,
Don’t forget to search keywords to get closer to the dilemmas and uses for metals from aircraft,
there are many more than just jamming radar. Think more interms of a shield and back up communications
in the event of an electromagnetic pulse which we ARE currently worried about defending against.

Metals play a role,

We just don’t know the level of activity, probably not anywhere near as grand a scheme as the CT-ers think
it is. I have not a doubt that spraying is ongoing after delving in here and seeing as how it has already been
used beyond the level of chaff.

God bless us all lol !

Ross, SR1419, Uncinus and all,

Lets take a much more critical look at what chaff is and just a few of it’s expanded capabilities beyond jamming radio signals
since you genuinely seem interested.

The place to spend some time examining recent atmospheric research is here, if you spend less than an hour pouring over
some of the abstracts to these current military processes then you’ve done yourselves and the subject matter a dis-service.
The choice is yours (lol)
Tip use keywords to examine a specific subject closely, modify search from the top of pages as well;

Only 1 example I can find of a barium atmospheric release -released to the public….
Lets see, what properties of barium might be useful
for military superiority….. hmmm…..
well, see above and think laterally… then
try starting here for some examples –

Remember, Barium comes in a state suitable for mixing with fuel as we know available in patents allegedly deployed during Operation Desert Storm as part of the OVTHR communications (link forthcoming God willing) With regard to spending time researching military applications of atmospheric ducting, ionization (yes, metals are involved) and heating, you can come back to that and proceed with this excerpt.

IS THIS an example of what that ol’ harmless, red herring chaff is ?


Method for Producing Variable Density/Electric Dipole Property Chaff Decoy Material
Authors: John A. Eisele; Robert M. Mason; Francis J. Campbell; DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY WASHINGTON DC
Abstract: This disclosure relates to dielectric chaff materials or fibers which are small in character for packing and expandable on release to produce clouds of great cross section. Polymer materials are treated chemically and/or irradiated with nuclear or electronic radiation which partially decomposes the polymer. Upon release, the polymer is heated to Create gas hubbies from within which expand the dielectric fibers to change the density and shape of the dielectric.

Description: Patent, Filed 26 Mar 74, patented 4 May 99
Pages: 5
Report Date: 04 MAY 1999
Report Number: D105910
Report Unavailable
This disclosure relates to dielectric chaff materials or fibers which are small in character for packing and expandable on release to produce clouds of great cross section.
Keywords relating to this report:

… gentlemen, the HEATING of the polymer fibers and partial breaking down continues until these aluminum particles are eventually (may take some time on the ground-which will be kicked up) until they are micron sized.

…Look around at some of the provided links and tell me that there ARE NOT expanded uses for ‘chaff’ or even improved dispersal systems. Heating is mentioned… amazing… enjoy chewing on your irradiated stew as these military operations “may be over your town”, I could not disprove it nor could Uncinus, nor anyone else here. Keep in mind that we are told this microwaved crap is benign. Enjoy your ‘theoretical’ as we don’t know at what level this spraying occurs nasty introduced goop that certainly disperses widely. Enjoy the sunset, … must be a lot of fires (actually there are in Ca. right now) the atmosphere sure looks dirty at sundown…
Shine a flashlight at night after a really nasty air day and perhaps (we won’t know all the science on it is suspect with too many potential sources, inputs) examine some polymers with desicated material hatching on it… may as well imagine the military released nanobots also lol …

Gentlemen I laugh because there is a strong theoretical theme since reports are not uniformly avail. for public munching, so alas
‘conspiracy’ theories are born. Sad but true that we can’t tell by looking at a planes exhaust if they are pumping metals for data
crunching, defense shields, counter measures against other countries electronic interference etc. If you can’t think laterally and
see the intense desire for these techs to be up and running then I would suggest that you are partially dead. We ain’t at the level
of cloud seeding with regard to military operations. The quest for air space superiority is amazing fierce and vital to having advantage. Other countries can send energy OTHR into the United States. Metals in the air, AND coating the ground assist our military with communication and vision. … and you guys all can’t be bothered with seeing the intense desire to heat areas of
air to create changes in propagation of frequency beams… allright have fun with discussing cloud seeding then… REALLY take
a look through the topics of research AND development of these projects. …. just chaff, harmless … lol !

– again look CLOSELY at the atmospheric studies listed, these are OLD projects, with the juicy bits (aerosols) blocked out YET mentioned in many reports available as ‘interference problems’ ‘algorithms to correct signals’ all these problems with atmospheric anomalies can be moderated with things (perhaps even incorrectly identified ‘chaff’ events) to provide BETTER images and better
communications. Think laterally and go beyond cloud seeding for what the ‘monied’ guys are doing…

Read page 8 of 9 the Entire Summary (2 paragraphs) directly above the References for where the author mentions terrain mapping in relation to electrical parameters, micro sized metals which are certain to disperse widely will assist in this, right? High levels of these metals are appearing in soil samples (again the science is always wrong here, so lets say we have some anecdotal evidence for lots of soil metals which uncinus can no doubt eloquently explain as being unreliable, from manufacturing etc. I’m not disagreeing with him for this as he’s right we probably can’t crunch the inputs accurately.
Anyways, if yah all can think laterally, you will see a robust number of reasons to have the best damn military in the world, and it may include chaff and other metal and polymer programs …

For a more compelling look at the red herring chaff
-p.s. the more time you spent researching Navy Radar mapping, communications
the more meaningful the above link will be with regards to metal dispersal applications

Oh and by the way (BTW) for you computer communications freaks
yes, I wish I did have the report for barium, aluminum and other dispersals from the government but alas, I do not.
Also, I haven’t a clue how widespread this atmospheric tampering is, just that we have a helluva strong military actively
taking into account electromagnetic warfare and unfortunately these technologies are also a good defensive shield (public record
spend some time, look HAARP etc.) So some metal relaying, protecting, probing, is very very very likely ongoing, just
don’t know the level. Probably not anywhere close to what the wacky chemtrailers think but the nastiness to environment
of these metals probably makes it prohibitive to disclose to the public.
All we can do is speculate, COMBINED with connecting the dots we do have. … Good luck, or skip it entirely up to you, God blesses
us still.

All in all the hell with it, I’m going out to play on the water, enjoy life,
God help us all with regards to our defense budget and it’s innumerable ‘black projects’ many without oversight
I’m going to sail on the water while potentially chewing on some Polymer materials are treated chemically and/or irradiated with nuclear or electronic radiation which partially decomposes the polymer. Upon release, the polymer is heated to Create gas hubbies with their changed dielectric.


1st of all… Even if it were possible that any of what you so ridiculously wrote about above was actually occurring on a daily basis, who would have even the slightest propensity (there’s a $10 word for ya!) to allow themselves to foster the idea to consider believing anything you so randomly and tangently haphazardly scribbled above?!
What? Are you trying to impress someone other than yourself with all the screwy shit you just belched onto that now wasted page, with all its meandering phrases and verbage and addage that no one but you has the slightest inkling what any of those ooozing-with-geekness-nerd-like-words mean? I am fairly intelligent and was extremely interested in this subject until i read your cockamaimeee lunatic ramblings… now I’d be embarrssed to admit I know anything about it knowing you’ve got an interest in it too… I wouldn’t want someone I know to find your puke spewed upon their laptop screen the way it splattered onto my laptop screen like I did, after I turn them onto the subject, lest I be seen as even the tinyest bit like you. Whacko!

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