Beat my WordPress cache

If I may be so bold as to break from the regular programming of photography stuff here, you may know I’m also a developer and heading up development of WordPress MU. Yes, I wear lots of hats.

Yesterday I released a new WordPress plugin called, WP Super Cache. It’s pretty super as it’s name implies and should protect WordPress sites from large spikes in traffic. I need your help to test that out.

You may be familiar with a site called, if you have an account there, please digg my plugin. It’s only going to take another couple of diggs to get it on to the front page of the site, but it has to get there within the next few hours. If it does, that will quite possibly cause a huge spike in traffic to that post, and with any luck the server my blog is on won’t keel over and die. Don’t worry, is on a different machine. 🙂

Update – it’s one the front page of! Thanks everyone who voted for it! Apparently this is a light digging though, and my server barely notices the extra requests.




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    […] He’d also like everyone to Digg it, so he can show how his server isn’t even breaking a sweat when running the new code!   […]

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    Pete Connolly November 9, 2007

    There is such a thing as a light digging?! Sounds a bit like ‘a gentle kicking’ 🙂

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    estetik March 17, 2008

    Very nice plugin. Congrats.

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