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The ultimate Canon EOS camera

Leaked photos of the the as yet unreleased Canon EOS-0 have surfaced on the ‘net and are sure to make their way around all the usual blogs in no time but I got my hands on them early just for you.

Details are sketchy but from the photos it appears to come in different lens mount flavours to support Nikon, Olympus, Sony and Sigma as well as the usual Canon EOS mounts. The inspiration button should come in handy for all those tired hacks who are too bored with their “yet another school fete” assignments.

Canon EOS 0

Coming around to the back of the camera, Canon have filled every square inch with new functionality and a super wide touch screen. I can just hear the Apple iPhone owners gasping with delight. I’m not so sure about running Windows Vista on it. Can I put Ubuntu Linux on it? Is that Photoshop running on it? I would like to see Walter run Pixenate on there if the new camera has wireless support. Tom reports it works on the Apple iPhone and Walter has created a Facebook photo editor out of it so I don’t see why not.

I think Mike Johnston may require breathing space and a respirator when he hears that this new Canon camera is the first to have a built in image stabilizer. In camera image stabilization is one of his pet loves and I’m sure he’ll be signing up to buy one. Exciting times!

Canon EOS 0

Other notable features are the three hard drives, the HDR function and the capability to shoot ISO 12800. Hopefully they’ve solved the noise problems! I’m not sure if I’ll use the TV feature but I’d happily listen to the radio or MP3s while out shooting. Should be plenty of capacity on all those drives.

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lol 3 hard disc drives,the disc is so fake cuz can see that jaged sides the blue ray disc is not blurred and the body is nikon while the top is canon…also ubmbralla mode..haha who will be stupid enough to press it and wallah the unbrallas comes out from the lenses…hahahaaa

What a crap… I sometimes think about the people who has enough time to sit on photoshop and run their creative horses. But in their creativity, they mostly act like morons, stupids and eccentrics. Where do you suppose the disk will go? Are you planning to make a camera with 7 inches thick base to accomodate that large CD. Then three HDDs, 1 TB each. Dude, who needs that much space.
And you missed the button for TV. In your madness, you wrote six functions for five buttons. Now dont tell me the Radio button multi-tasks.
And the umbrella button. I guess pressing that would pop-out a n umbrella from the HOT SHOE so you could continue shooting in rain.
I guess your next version will have film compatibility as well. Plus a 6X8 photo-printer, a fax machine, an ipod and a propeller mode for aerial photography.

propellor mode sounds aewsome — when can we expect that? will it beable to be soft-flashed to include this function or do i have to buy the new one to get the hardware for propellor mode?

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