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Comprehensive Canon 40D overview

Roland has posted a fairly exhaustive Canon 40D review on his blog. It made the front page of which is where I found it. Must resist temptation …

Amazon have it in stock. Still a bit pricey but maybe after my accountant does her thing with my finances I’ll know if I can afford it!

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4 replies on “Comprehensive Canon 40D overview”

I am nervous to click on the link, as I feel I may have to purchase myself even though my wife has told me otherwise. But maybe if I started selling prints or something I make enough, ah keep on dreaming John.

I’m in the same boat, but console yourself with the thought that the 40D is probably heavier than your current camera. Those back problems will be kept at bay that little bit longer if you’re not lugging about the 40D 🙂

My 300D is getting a little long in the tooth and I’d been holding out for the 40D. At £900, it’s pretty steep compared with the dollar price in the US, which is a little disappointing. But I think I’m going to jump over the next couple of months.

Any thing would be heavier then the 350d, which to be honest aint a bad thing I think it may prove easier to hold a 40d steady. I am looking at my SSIA at the moment to see if there is a way of the missus not needing to know 1 grand missing and still leave enough for a house extension!!!

I think it can be done, unfortunately my 350d was bought in Jessops and is a silver bodied camera, so arriving home one day with a black camera might give the game away!

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