Shadows on Powell St

The shadow cast by a young man waiting to cross the street forms the main subject of this unusual image. Sort of messes with your head doesn’t it?




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    Flickr: frenchsvilla August 28, 2007


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    josef August 29, 2007

    Awesome shot, I love this inventive angle you’re using.

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    Flickr: DOM¿N!C March 8, 2008

    wow this is cool

    may i please use this image for my college research?

    i’m starting a new project in photography A level and i’m looking at abstraction in the street environment. to be honest, this was better than anything that came up on the google search

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    DOM – sure, but if you do, please provide a link to as a credit.

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    Flickr: DOM¿N!C March 12, 2008

    thanks, i’ll be sure to include the link in my bibliography

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