Autumn Leaf

A leaf lies on the ground in the public park in Douglas opposite Tesco.
An ambulance drives past on the busy road.




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    Mark Penix May 14, 2007

    You have amazing photography! I need to start putting mine up soon. I love it. good job. What equipment do you use?

  2. Reply
    James Farmer May 14, 2007

    Nice, the leaf itself is quite something but the ambulance really makes this one – so still but also so urgent.

  3. Reply
    Josef Renklint May 14, 2007

    Very nice capture. I like the angle too, that must be a wideangle lens?

  4. Reply
    Donncha O Caoimh May 14, 2007

    Thanks! yes, my Sigma 10-20 lens was used for this!

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