Co. Cork Cemetery

A graveyard in Co. Cork attracted my attention last summer while walking with Oscar down a small road. I didn’t go in but I got a few nice shots from over the cemetery gate.

This is a the result of sandwiching two versions of this image together. One is overexposed and the other underexposed. It’s difficult to get the bits around the trees right but I think I did a pretty good job!

4 thoughts on “Co. Cork Cemetery

  1. Ooh, one of my favourite photographic subjects…graveyards. You’ve done a great job of “sandwiching” the two photographs together, I can’t see the join at all even around the branches.

  2. Thanks Claire! Branches are a b*tch to do right but I’ve been looking at this image for the past 6 months and I finally got around to working on it a few days ago.
    I loved the sky in it, but the foreground was so dark I had to do a lot of work on it which of course requires time and energy.

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