11 SEO tips for your photoblog

Richard Hearne offered some great tips for making Irish photoblog mcawilliams.com more visible on the search engines and they’re very good general search engine optimization tips that can be applied to any website.

He has grouped his tips into the following categories:

  1. Site Architecture
  2. On-Page Optimisation
  3. Off-site Optimisation

Richard’s post is well worth reading, even if you don’t have a photoblog. I know I learned a thing or two that are already paying off!

I have a few more tips to add to those above. Most of them are geared towards the photo blog community rather than general blogging sites, but read on even if you’re not running a photoblog!

  1. Join Photoblogs.org before you do anything else. It’s the center of the photoblog universe and it’s worth participating in the community there.
  2. Join VFXY and Cool photoblogs. VFXY displays thumbnails of their member’s blogs which is great for driving traffic. Coolphotoblogs is a photoblog directory. I’m a member of the former, but something went wrong with my application to the latter and I haven’t bothered figuring it out yet.
  3. Join Flickr, Zooomr, 23HQ and any other social photo sharing site you care to mention. Zooomr are offering premium accounts to bloggers still I think. You can host your photo there, saving your bandwidth costs. It’s also a very good way of exposing your photography to a wider audience. Thanks to Flickr I’ve almost made back the cost of hosting this website through sales of my photos.
  4. Taking a leaf from Richard above, if you host your images on Flickr, they require a link back to that picture’s page on flickr.com. Make sure you don’t leak page rank by adding rel=’external nofollow’ to that link. The same applies to Zooomr and 23HQ of course.
  5. Visit the Photoblogs.org wiki, especially the tips and tricks page and how to get traffic to your photoblog.
  6. Write. Search engines can’t do much with an image, but if you describe the image in a small paragraph of text that will help. In a similar vein, every photo should have a title. It might be tempting to number the image, or call them “Untitled #98”, “Untitled #99”, “Untitled #100” and so on, but that won’t help people find your website.
  7. As you’re now writing, link. Link to other sites and blogs and do it often. Photoblogs don’t link enough. Where’s the conversation? Everybody has their heads stuck in the sand doing their own thing, afraid that they’ll lose visitors for good if they leave their site. Link to specific blog posts and those posts will be sent a “ping” or a “trackback”. That tells that blog’s owner you’ve been talking about his work. It also plants a link to your blog right in his comments section where his visitors can find it and follow what you said about his work. Here’s a ping my blog sent to an older post on my site. My feed reader post has lots of external links. Oh look, there’ll be a ping from that link too! Links really are the lifeblood of your blog.
  8. I may be biased, but I recommend you use WordPress to host your photoblog. It has support for pinging and trackbacks out of the box, a facility some other photoblog software don’t have. If you don’t want to host a WordPress blog yourself, open a blog on WordPress.com and check out what people are posting about photography, photos and even flickr. It’s a bit more limited than a regular WordPress blog but you’ll get a good feel for it. Best of all, you can export your blog and host it yourself when you feel up to it!
  9. If you do use WordPress, install Ultimate Tag Warrior so your posts are categorised in a fine grained manner. Tags do wonderful things for search engines, and this is a must have for any WordPress blog. Note that tagging support is going into WordPress right now, but it’s still being developed. I think a small script to convert UTW tags to WordPress tags is called for. Hopefully I’ll have it running here within the next few days.
  10. Join Google webmaster tools and enable “Enhanced Image Search”. Read more about it here but I’ve noticed an increase in hits from Google Image Search since I opted in to it.
  11. Claim your blog on Technorati. Here’s the Technorati page for this blog. Add an icon to your user account to encourage clicks on your stories there.

With a few changes to your photoblog you can drastically increase the traffic to your site and share your work with a wider audience. You never know, one of your photos could become a viral email attachment sent around to thousands of people in offices and homes.




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    Some nice SEO tips. Thank you for posting!

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    duncmc April 4, 2007

    As the owner of a brand new, squeaky clean photoblog, this couldn’t have come at a better time – a very interesting and useful article. Thanks for posting.

    BTW there’s a typo in point 3 of your extra tips. Where you first mention 23HQ the href incorrectly links to 23gq.com – just thought I’d mention it.

  4. Reply
    Donncha O Caoimh April 4, 2007

    duncmc – thanks for finding that typo, fixed now! Good luck with the photoblog, looking very good already, I’m subbed!

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    Claire April 5, 2007

    Thanks for these tips Donncha and for the earlier one about full feeds (I finally managed to figure that one out!). Hope this isn’t a cheeky question but I’m curious…how is Flickr helping you to sell your photographs?

  6. Reply
    Donncha O Caoimh April 5, 2007

    Claire – you’re welcome! Flickr helps because it’s a common destination for people searching for images. If you have your images tagged or with a descriptive title or description then it’ll be easy to find them. Hopefully they’ll be interested enough in your image to contact you and begin a discussion. It happened to me recently and I’m waiting on the cheque now!

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    McAWilliams April 5, 2007

    It did make for some interesting reading, and even though I thought my site was doing its thing nicely, Richards post really made me re-think since he found so many issues. A lot of changes have since been made and yes instantly my site has become much more google friendly.

  8. Reply
    Riki May 26, 2007

    Thanx for more tips I get to technorati and Flickr.Rgds

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    BIG scott May 31, 2007

    Great tips and great links to some really cool photoblogs/communities. Thanks!

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    photographyVoter.com June 9, 2007

    11 SEO tips for your photoblog | In Photos…

    11 tips to give your photoblog more exposure online….

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    rygood June 10, 2007

    great tips, I’ll definitely check it out and see how traffic increases. One thing though, Ultimate Tag Warrior is known as a serious resource hog on a web server, hence it sometimes drastically slow down your site, especially if you have a lot of content.

    thanks again, good stuff!

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    The Art Poster June 11, 2007

    It’s about time someone wrote some seo tips for photoblogs, or have i just missed them? Anyway, thanks for adding that, lots to get stuck into, although I prefer to stick to just one photo community, flickr, as I don’t have time to visit all of them. Getting links to your photoblog is probably the best way to help with your rankings.

    btw I have voted for you on photoblogs.org 😉

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    Vasity July 3, 2007

    Nice blog, I really like how you have the colors, and the outlook is great as well. Many people do not do this good of blogs, very good indeed, article is very mind capturing I really like it. Keep up the great work let me know when you have more done.

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    SticKer July 11, 2007

    Thank you for posting these useful tips

  18. Reply
    Mike August 8, 2007

    It’s very beautifully.

  19. Reply
    Kevin September 3, 2007

    Thanks for these! I’ve always thought about starting a photoblog but didn’t think there was much traffic in them. Cheers

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    Jonny July 12, 2008

    Great article – I found it very useful 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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    Photo-tips Dan August 14, 2008

    Very interesting tips! I have seen some of it before but others were new to me.

    What I’ve been wondering is how claiming a blog on Technorati really helps me getting traffic…

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    Beau Mitchell December 16, 2008

    Thanks for these tips. I am sure they will come in handy over time while I try to improve my new photo blog.

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    jason January 11, 2009

    Just found this article – lots of good info here. As the owner of the photoblog hosting community Aminus3.com, it is helpful to see what photobloggers are looking for so we can enhance our services. cheers!

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    Esther May 21, 2009

    Great tips. Thank you. I can only dream of one day becoming subject of a viral e-mail!!

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    pixelshots January 1, 2010


    the tips helped. cheers for you

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    pa dinneen September 6, 2010

    thanks for the info- hopefully it’ll help.

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