The Moonlit Shipyards

The shipyards in Rushbrooke, just outside Cobh are still active although much quieter now than during their heyday. The cranes make for great photography against the moonlit sky.

This was shot from across the River Lee in Passage last November.

FRLinux asked about settings so here they are, including post-processing:

Flickr’s exif data for this is a bit wrong – gthumb says the exposure was for 5 seconds, aperture was wide open at f4.5, and lens set at 28mm, which you can probably multiply by 1.6 for the crop factor. ISO was 100.

Post Processing was done in the GIMP using 3 layers:
1. Top layer is transparent with a black gradient at the bottom. Layer mode is Overlay.
2. Middle layer is black and white, and blurred and with added noise. It’s set to screen mode, and opacity of 51%.
3. Bottom layer is the colour image, slightly saturated and darker.

Hope that helps!

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  1. xeer has posted a comment:

    Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate that!

    I’ve updated the description with the settings and some info on post-processing, it might inspire someone to use the same technique!

    The Moonlit Shipyards

  2. I grew up overlooking those, and for a time as a youngster I thought those yokes were these yokes.

    You know, leftover from some battle, but I always suspected they might spring to life one day…

    Maybe they will.

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