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Who else wants a Canon 6D?

Chris Garrett speculates that the Canon 6D will be announced in February. Time will tell, but what extra features will it have and will they be worth the premium a camera demands?

If I didn’t have a good collection of APS-C lenses already I might be tempted to go out and buy a Canon 5D, especially if it’s being discounted. Tempted if I had wads of cash falling out of my pockets that is and not budgeting for a new arrival in April! “But honey, I really want to take the best possible pictures of our baby!” Has that ever worked?

Whatever happens, I’m sure I’ll be lusting after a new camera before long.

Have you seen the price reductions on the Canon 5D lately? This is usually a good signal that a replacement is coming. All the hot news of late has been in the APS-C area, suspiciously quiet if you ask me. You could say that would mean a new flagship is required but if I was Canon I would announce a 1D beating 6D, then top it with a new top end pro unit. The other way round makes less sense to me.

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5 replies on “Who else wants a Canon 6D?”

I would love to have even a 5D. I am still shooting with a 10d!

I think as important as the body is the glass though. Most of my shots end up on the web so size isn’t too important. Sharpness is always important though.

Fancy seeing you here Collin!

I’m looking forward to Canon’s offerings over this year, especially the 6D and the 30D replacement – 40D maybe? I have the 400D, Canon’s latest dSLR, and its just great. I’m looking forward to seeing the Sensor cleaning in other Canon dSLR’s.

With the specs of the new XSi out, the 6D should be really sweet. I am saving for a new camera to replace my faithful 30D (I want to use it as a second body) but although the 5D is tempting (and the price has dropped a lot) it’s missing some things that are essential to me, like a sensor cleaning and higher resolution (I sell large prints and 16MP is the minimum I want).

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