Panoramic Traffic Lights

Traffic along the Mallow Road hurries past on a cold and foggy December night. This was taken from the bridge near Rathpeacon and Killeens.

The bridge itself as you can see from the map above is much wider than the one in this picture but I wasn’t going to stand in the middle of a dark road at risk of being knocked over for my art. At least not this time anyway!

Traffic from the right is coming from Cork, while traffic from the left is coming from the direction of Mallow or Blarney.

PS. Nominations for the Irish Blog Awards are now open. There are several categories and you can nominate your favourite Irish blog in whichever one fits. In Photos won Best Photoblog last year but this is the only time I’ll mention the awards here unlike last year when I did the dog on it a bit! (Not that I wouldn’t mind winning again of course!)

I like these: Snow Squalls! and Palm House – I wish more photoblog software understood trackbacks and pings. It’s hard to start a conversation with them.




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    Flickr: January 11, 2007 has posted a comment:


    Panoramic Traffic Lights

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    Flickr: Traces in the Sand January 11, 2007

    Traces in the Sand has posted a comment:

    Very very cool shot! 🙂

    Panoramic Traffic Lights

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    Donncha O Caoimh January 11, 2007

    This is so much better when viewed large. *sigh* It’s two 8MP images joined together making it about 6,000 pixels wide.

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    Flickr: jdm a. 000 January 11, 2007

    jdm a. 000 has posted a comment:


    Panoramic Traffic Lights

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    Flickr: aidan.offbeat January 13, 2007

    aidan.offbeat has posted a comment:

    Nice shot.

    Is that two photos stiched?

    Great blog by the way. I’ve been following it for a few moths now.

    Panoramic Traffic Lights

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    Flickr: xeer January 13, 2007

    xeer has posted a comment:

    Thanks for the comments!

    Aidan – yup, it’s two shots, taken at either side of the bridge. I took another couple of dozen shots including a few abstract ones when I moved the camera from side to side. Trying to figure out how to present them on as they’re not my usual style. Maybe a montage… Oh, thank you for the compliment!

    Panoramic Traffic Lights

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    Flickr: royskeane January 13, 2007

    royskeane has posted a comment:

    I like it. Great lines in this photo.

    Panoramic Traffic Lights

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    […] Here is a time-lapse image of traffic passing under a bridge, by Donncha O Caoimh, one of the guys behind WordPress, under which this blog operates. I seem to be running into a lot of Irish sites recently. […]

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    mario October 15, 2007

    Nice photo. Cool.

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    Flickr: Juliano Mattos February 1, 2009

    Great ideia! Really amazing compostion! I have to try this :-))))

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    rob November 25, 2010

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