The cat’s in the cradle

Michelle looks out from her home at the dreary wet day ahead and the annoying photographer in the doorway. A few seconds later she scampered off under the bushes but was back when I disappeared.

Cats love their comfort and Michelle is no exception. She’s spoilt rotten like most house cats and never has a worry in the world!

This is one of my first shots with my shiny new Canon 50mm f1.8 lens. It was delivered while I was at the conference on Wednesday and I’m very impressed already. It’s horribly sharp and fast. The shallow depth of field offered by an aperture of f1.8 is beautiful and falls off from the sharp in-focus bits really nicely.

12 thoughts on “The cat’s in the cradle

  1. Thanks Donal! I’m very happy with the lens so far. I took it out while walking around Blarney too but didn’t get any inspiring shots, nothing to do with the lens I might add!

    No, we didn’t get a cat. Oscar is enough of a handful, Michelle belongs to Jacinta’s parents and unfortunately she’s not too great with stranges which is why she runs from me even now. I was glad to get this shot as she never stays put long enough when I have my camera out!

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