No walking stick

It’s a good thing nobody in this picture needs help walking or getting about! Is that sign really saying walking sticks aren’t allowed?
It could be one of the following too, what do you think?

  • No backpackers
  • No mountaineers or hikers
  • No round headed people
  • Or possibly even “people with bags on their back are not allowed to climb over this barrier.” Better leave the bags in town guys!

Picture taken on Alcatraz Island, San Francisco.




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    micki November 15, 2006

    It sure does seem to prohibit hikers. How would a hiker get out to the island without anyone being aware?

  2. Reply
    Niall November 15, 2006

    Could it possibly be… don’t lean on this barrier?

  3. Reply
    Flickr: miguev November 16, 2006

    miguev has posted a comment:

    I think it’s #2… we hikers can be sometimes a little annoying when we try to walk where we are supposed not to do so O:-)

    No walking stick

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