Looking onto Freedom

A young woman talks on her mobile phone while looking out a barred window in Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco. Walking through the prison was quite an experience, especially as tourists like myself took photos and listened to the audio tour while wandering. It was easy to imagine how awful incarceration must be looking out the windows and through the bars of cells.

This was shot in the prison canteen and I rotated the image on purpose to add a little interest.

No thank you – gulp!




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    Flickr: miguev November 7, 2006

    miguev has posted a comment:

    Strong picture!

    Looking onto Freedom

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    micki November 7, 2006

    Good on the rotation, I like that!!

    I wonder who she was talking to while taking a tour?

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    tetsu November 7, 2006

    Beautiful silhouette!!!

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