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Is the Canon 30D noisier than the 20D?

Is it possible that the noise levels in the Canon 30D are worse than that of the ageing Canon 20D? According to this story it’s true! I find it hard to believe because the cameras are so similar – same sensor, same digital processor and more. I wonder how the 20D compares to the new Canon 400D?

Even if you don’t have any Canon equipment, the article takes a look at the RAW vs Jpeg debate too which might be less sensational but makes for a good read. (via)

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4 replies on “Is the Canon 30D noisier than the 20D?”

Similar conversations are going on about the sony Alpha versus Nikon. Both use the same sensor (Sony CMOS) and front filter. But the Nikon circuitry is different and appears to have some inbuilt noise reduction, ignoring any post processing. The other side is that the Sony appears tp out perform the Nikon on resolution and if using RAW images and post processing on your PC can produce pictures with greater detail showing less noise than the Nikon.

Back in the real world the difference in hardware isn’t going to make a difference to my Ansel Adam’s like photographic elite skills. But for the rest of you mere mortals the hardware obviously makes all the difference. 😀

I was interested in the comment that shooting in RAW + Jpeg led to the RAW files largely getting forgotten about because it was too time consuming to do the individual processing. That’s such a statement of reality, I was overwhelmed.

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