Have you mooed today?

I wondered earlier when my moo mini-cards would come but I needn’t have worried. The postman delivered them today! Very cute they look too, I’ll have to order more!

If you’re wondering, there’s an easter egg in the Debian apt-get tool. Just try “apt-get moo”!

2006-10-08 – Since I first heard from Thomas Hawk about the moo mini cards, it’s nice to see his cards have arrived!




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    Lloyd D Budd October 6, 2006

    The moo Easter Egg in apt-get is moos to me. Thanks.

    I also have received my ten free though I made them photos of Julia so she could use them as biz cards. It was easier to choose ones of her 😉

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    Flickr: silyld October 6, 2006

    silyld has posted a comment:

    i want some 🙂

    Have you mooed today?

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    Flickr: jdm a. 000 October 6, 2006

    jdm a. 000 has posted a comment:


    Have you mooed today?

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    micki October 7, 2006

    Hey, they came!! What fun!

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    Mark T October 14, 2006

    Ordered some today, can’t wait 🙂

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    Flickr: Haagen Jerrys December 19, 2006

    Haagen Jerrys has posted a comment:

    debiann (ubuntu?) 😀

    Have you mooed today?

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    Flickr: a.ivanovich January 16, 2008

    Cool shot

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    Flickr: dejesse.james January 31, 2008

    Where can we get some of these? The look cool and I would like to give some to my friends.

    Jesse – itspersonalmarketing

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    Flickr: flicker4everr April 15, 2008

    5 star.very nice

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    jdm rims for sale June 16, 2008

    contemplating if i should get some…hahaaha.

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