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R&H Hall Mill on fire

R&H Hall Mills aftermath
City Fire Brigade Well Equipped

This morning, the disused R&H Hall mill on Kennedy Quay, Cork City was the scene of a major fire. Smoke was visible from all over the city, wind blew the smoke up towards Mayfield and traffic was very heavy all over, probably because drivers slowed down to watch the plume of smoke.
From several miles away in Sunday’s Well, I saw two jets of water pour into the top of the building, unfortunately I only had my wide angle lens so I didn’t get a shot of it. This photo was taken with my Canon 75-300 zoom from a residential park off Blarney Street half an hour later.

Seven units of Cork fire service have been fighting a blaze at the disused R & H Hall mill and grain store on Kennedy Quay –

Des has a great photo taken from much closer showing the fire bursting from the side of the building. Pity I’m on the other side of the city!

In recent times, a long plume of thick black smoke trailed from a fire on the north side of the city, and of course, back in 2003 a huge blaze left the Sunbeam Factory in ruins.

This afternoon I spent a few minutes shooting the R&H Hall building from behind the Garda exclusion tape. Smoke was still visible coming from the white silos at the side of the building and just as I left a crane was going to lift members of the fire service up to examine the damage. I ran out of time and had to leave before that happened but things were definitely winding down thankfully.

I sent the top photo to the Cork Independent who have published it in this week’s edition on page 11. I haven’t seen it yet but hopefully I can get a copy later! Check out the photo I took of the article above! It’s the first time I’ve had a photo published by a newspaper and I’m very happy!

Aperture ƒ/11
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 300mm
ISO 200
Shutter speed 1/1000s

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11 replies on “R&H Hall Mill on fire”

They firemen are standing on the adjacent building now putting the fire out. I can see it from the office. It looks like it’s almost out at this stage. Apparently, the building I’m in shook with the explosion.

Wow, did you get some photos? I was tempted to drive down there but Gardai are telling people to stay away. I am *so* glad that I bought that zoom lens now. It was a pain to come back to Blarney to get it and I cursed myself all the way home for not bringing my 18-200 zoom earlier!

Thanks Micki – the mill is several miles away from where I shot this and the birds were flying over the river much nearer to me. I took about 30 shots of the fire and the few shots with the birds are my favourites.

There weren’t any problems going half-way down Kennedy Quay at 09:00 and Centre Park Road was open (to have a gawk at the flames).

They obviously thought about using the Gerry O’sullivan but its monitors didn’t seem to have the reach necessary – still she sprayed enough water to make sure the fire didn’t spread to the Lee 😉

Managed to get a few decent pics…

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