The Ryder Cup – Eye on the prize

Golf’s “biggest competition”, The 2006 Ryder Cup will begin this weekend with an influx of thousands of people to the K Club in Straffan, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Games between Team Europe and Team USA begin on September 22 and continue until the 24th.

I have to admit I have next to no interest in golf but the media here have been going crazy over it for the last three weeks. The one report about the Ryder Cup which I do recall is a correspondent from the US reporting that interest over there is non-existent. People will be watching football, baseball or basketball. He continued by saying that the people who might be interested won’t be watching either because they’re not going to spend the weekend stuck indoors watching a golf tournament thousands of miles away when they can go out and play a few holes themselves in the sunshine. I’m sure that won’t stop rich business men and politicians flying in via helicopter and spending lavish amounts of money at the K Club.

For a little light hearted entertainment you should listen to the Gift Grub report (.wma file) from the Ryder Cup. It’ll make you smile.

It’s all a little silly.

Later .. Liam Morrison asks “Who cares about the Ryder cup?” and uses Google Trends to find out just who cares. The results aren’t surprising given what I said above but it’s nice to have some solid proof.




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    micki September 18, 2006

    Then there’s those of us who won’t be paying attention to any of the aforementioned sports. Although it might be fun to fly over and be an “official Ryder Cup photographer.” ;o)

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    Donncha September 18, 2006

    Good to know I’m not the only one who won’t be watching sport this weekend. We’re off to Dingle in Co. Kerry for the weekend on a small holiday. Looking forward to it already 🙂

  3. Reply
    Matty September 18, 2006

    I won’t be watching it either. It’s on Sky….

  4. Reply
    liam September 19, 2006

    Yes, thats a good point. If you want to watch it live , you have to have a subscription to SKY.

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    DaveP September 20, 2006

    One of the attorneys (solicitors, right?) from the office downstairs from me leaves tomorrow to Ireland to watch people chase a little ball around a cow-pasture. But hey, he’s got the money and enjoys it, so what the heck.

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    Donncha September 21, 2006

    He’ll have to battle with 40mph winds from a hurricane that’s going to catch us near the end of the week! The weather has gotten progressively worse over the last 2 days and they even had to stop people going to the K Club until 9am yesterday for health and safety reasons.

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    DaveP September 21, 2006

    Yeah. When I talked to him late yesterday, he commented that he’ll probably just be spending Sunday in a pub.

    Darn the luck.

    (I tried to convince him that asking for Beamish is a good thing, what with it being Corkish and all, but he’s a pretty staunch Guinness fan.)

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    Andyw September 25, 2008

    Well done to the American team!

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    helicopters October 9, 2008

    I was lucky enough to attend the Ryder Cup in Louisville, KY this year and it makes me proud to be an American….. other than the stock market going to h*** in a hand basket and the stupid bailout…

    I wish their some website that took great photos of the last Ryder Cup, I would love to get some photos framed and hang them in my office.


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