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Harleys in Blarney

The 15th annual H.O.G. Rally took place this weekend in Killarney, Co. Kerry. 10,000 Harley Davidson riders were expected. For the last few days I’ve seen Harleys around Cork sporting flags from all over Europe.

Here are two of them on their way back, pictured in Blarney! Jacinta and I were going to the local shop when 2 couples riding on these beautiful bikes drove past. I had to grab my camera ask them to pose for a shot or two! For once I was in a photo because they invited us to sit on their bikes for a photo.

Phil – I hope you like the photos, I’ll send you on a couple of other shots too!




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    micki June 25, 2006

    Sounds like a great event! Very cool shot today!

  2. Reply
    micki June 25, 2006

    Woops! Missed that top shot…even better! Looks like you’re having fun!

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    Donal June 28, 2006

    Nice shots Donn. I got a few of them in Killarney on Saturday. Will put them on Flickr at the weekend hopefully.

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    harley guy February 25, 2008

    Nice shoot. How many people showed up?

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    Bobby Friend September 2, 2008

    I am a long way from there,but I still ride a (Fatboy)
    Bobby Friend
    New Mexico USA

    Great photos!

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    mikeie September 23, 2009

    nice bike in sandiego my sister lives there ive got all chrome harley chooper bike only drive it 3 months of the yr when i over there couldent drive it in london would be scratched or nicked e.mail me some time and ill send u some pic cheers ?

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