Bonfire Night

Sofa Burning
Bonfire night.. adding fuel to the fire
Fire Brigade arrive

It was Bonfire Night in Cork yesterday. It’s celebrated on St. John’s Eve and there have been bonfires lit in Cork for as long as I remember. Not all parts of the country celebrate the night, and I heard on the radio 2 days ago that there may be a by-law passed in Cork banning the lighting of bonfires that night because of the danger to people, property and the fire services.
Unfortunately each year the fire services are attacked with rocks and other weapons when they go to certain areas of the city.




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    Donal June 24, 2006

    Great shots Donn. Especially the third one which shows how big the fire actually was! Were there any reports of fire brigades under attack last night?

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    Nick June 24, 2006

    A powerful series – although, if it’s intended to be a series, I’m not clear how the trolley bus fits in. And I can’t say I’m entirely surprised that the powers that be are considering banning these fires; they’re BIG.

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    Donncha June 24, 2006

    Thanks guys! Trolley bus? Do you mean the fire engine pictured in the last photo? That went past us at speed up to where the fire was. I presumed they made an effort to extinguish it but I could still see a large glow 10 minutes later!

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    micki June 24, 2006

    Awesome exposures on the fire shots! Such a shame regarding the attacks on the fire servicemen.

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    Gavin June 25, 2006

    I’ve seen the piles of wood hanging around Belfast getting ready for the 12th. Last year all the crates fell onto the road, I remember seeing it the next day. It’s a crazy couple of days. Awful that the firebrigade get attacked. Really nice documentary shots Donncha.

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    LyRiAnN July 1, 2006


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    […] this year there wasn’t a fire locally. Last year’s bonfire was quite a spectacle but I’d hate to think of baby Adam breathing in all the crap released […]

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    john Knox September 22, 2007

    I would limit the bonfires to particular sights only. A concrete base and somewhere to store the wast material I would ban completely the use of pallets and tyres. all sights to have planning permission

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    Paulie June 24, 2008

    I think Bona night is great, I’m 42 and still bring my kids out to them. its a great Cork tradition and people should leave it alone. I loved it as a kid and my kids love it now and hopefully my grandchildren and greatgrandchildren will love it to. There are too many people out there to throw spanners in the works. Fair enough some do get out of hand but that happens after the families go home.

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    Maire June 24, 2010

    I love bonfire night too. We went down to Mahon to the organised one and my kids were bored with it so we went back to an old haunt and had a great time. What facinates me is the amount of cars and trucks that will pull up and burn their household rubbish on the fires. There were 6 bonfires in all in the area but there didn’t seem to be any trouble anywhere. Most people were just sitting or standing around chatting some had their own chairs and it was like olden times. Even if there is a ban on them I still think people will light fires on the 23rd June.

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