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The Canon 30D is finally here

This is a bit of a let down to be honest. The new 30D looks nothing like the leaked photo I found a while back. There are a couple of new features, most notably the bigger LCD screen, spot metering and a much bigger buffer but I don’t see any point in upgrading from my 20D. I was looking forward to seeing the ADAMS MODE button but alas, it’s probably not going to see the light of day for some time yet.
The really good news is that it’s the same price as the 20D which should force the price of existing 20D bodies down. Look for discounts at your favourite online retailer. If you see it at a bargain price, buy it! (via and every other photography news site)

On a related note, I weighed my Canon 20D and Sigma 18-200 lens. It’s a monster 1.25kg (or almost 3lbs)! No wonder I hurt my back last year. Carrying that amount of weight around one’s neck is a sure fire way of getting to know your physiotherapist better!

Welcome members of! I hope you’ll look around and enjoy the photos!

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6 replies on “The Canon 30D is finally here”

Oh, I’m hoping with the new 30D the price of 20D can be lowered again πŸ™‚ But I need to think about the 1.25kg weight to carry on my neck around the street. Don’t get your back hurt again, Donncha.

the 30D is both a disappointment and a blessing. On one hand it’s a new camera practically devoid of innovation whilst on the other hand it gives no reason for current 20D owners to spend more money on an upgrade πŸ™‚

All that too and apparently when it comes to market it’ll be less than the 20D was! Still didn’t stop me from trying to justify the purchase of a used 1D MKIIn yesterday in MacSweeneys… I consoled myself with the simple fact that a used 1D MKIIn in Ireland is actually more expensive than a spanking new 1D MKIIn in Hong Kong. Neither of which I can actually afford.

Back on point; now all you D30/60/10D/300D users have no reason not to upgrade πŸ˜€

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