Road Narrows

Taken in Monkstown, Co. Cork last night.
Camera was handheld. I waited for a car to go past and with the camera set to AV mode and the flash on, I shot a 25 second exposure. I moved the camera from side to side to make the rear lights of the vehicle moreinteresting!
Added a cloud layer in post processing and set the layer mode to “subtract” to give the signs that nice weathered look.


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    Budi January 3, 2006

    I like the surreal effect of this shot 😉

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    .. December 27, 2006

    […] January – Road Narrows In January, I posted a photo taken in Monkstown, Co. Cork. It was later used by Hugging the Shoulder, a theatre company performing at the New York International Fringe Festival. […]

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    Jerrod Bogard July 31, 2007

    Yes indeed, this photo served the show well. Thank you for the use, sir. You have a great eye. You may be happy to know that the play, Hugging the Shoulder, is going to be produced as the innaugural production of the Chicago Fusion Theatre Co. this fall.
    All the best!

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