Cross-processing, Lomo, Fake Model, HDR, Sin City

Here’s yet another photo processing effect that may be destined to become yet another over used style on Flickr: The Sin City Style draws inspiration from the artwork of Frank Miller’s Sin City.
The example image is as gritty and powerful as Miller’s work and hopefully someone won’t write a Photoshop plugin or action to automate it. At least not for a week or so anyway.




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    Minette March 17, 2007

    hello ! i cannot use photoshop, do u know another software that may be able to create effects like those ones on pics ?
    Thank you !

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    Donncha O Caoimh March 19, 2007

    You can use the GIMP. It can be found at and is very good, and free! All my photos are processed through it.

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