Sullivan’s Quay sold!

The old Christian Brother’s school on Sullivan’s Quay was put up for auction and sold recently. It’s in a prime city centre location but is also a very old building.

My brother attended there briefly when the Model School transferred from Anglesea St near the end of it’s life.

Interesting bits: School Days at ‘The Quay’ and a photo from John Wallace.

Tomorrow, a picture looking in.

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  1. Flickr: Carrignafoy Reply

    Great shot. I’d hate to see this being replaced by ugly apartments though.

  2. Flickr: Pete Connolly (Away again) Reply

    Great angle, Donncha. I love the sharpness of the corner, you found a great spot to capture this.

  3. Flickr: click_click Reply

    Excellent composition and great shot, love the saturation!

  4. Flickr: Trostan Reply

    Ah, the ICB ! What memories !

    Great perspective !

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