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A building on South Wabash, Chicago. I was on my way to Central Camera and just loved the leading lines when I looked up!
I debated with myself about removing the building on the right but left it in for context. Wabash runs parallel with State Street but is much narrower and the L runs down it covering the middle of the street. The first time you hear the train pass overhead you will look up!


  1. John Reply

    Nice graphic shot, I wonder if the previous American shots look cool in b&w?


  2. Budi Reply

    i love this one…very minimalist :)


  3. hsigrist Reply

    minimalist, simple and the ‘degradè’ of color is nice


  4. Eric Reply

    wow! the lines are great!
    seeing this photo give me the feeling that I’ve been looking up for a long time, seeing those great lines, and it hurts my neck. But of course, it all only happening in my mind :)


  5. Gareth Marlow Reply

    I think you were right to leave in the other building.


  6. sebastian Reply

    beautifull lines! Very Nice Photo!



  7. coffeelover Reply

    I love the texture and lines in this image. It is very captivating.


  8. Flickr: lunaticprophet Reply

    lunaticprophet has posted a comment:

    I’m glad you left the building on the right also… it adds context, scale, and adds to what would’ve been an negative space. well seen.

    Fade to white


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