Dolphins Leaping at Shedd

Dolphins leap into the air at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

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  • Eric February 21, 2006 Reply

    seeing dolphins above water freezing like this is such a rare moment. you got fast hand-eye coordination :)

  • ROB February 21, 2006 Reply

    Perfect timing. Such a graceful animal, they are so loveable.

  • Donal February 21, 2006 Reply

    Wow, what a great shot. And this was just hiding on your hard drive all this time!

  • Donncha February 21, 2006 Reply

    Thanks! It was amazing to watch. We sat through one show just watching and I snapped off a couple of shots during the next show. Had to use the 75-300 lens to get close but the IS on the lens was a life saver!

  • Bene February 21, 2006 Reply

    really great shot…… i love them. One of my favourite pics was shot by steve bloom:


  • sebastian February 21, 2006 Reply

    woow! What a nice photo. fine how you Freeze the delpines


  • jj February 21, 2006 Reply

    super! i like this surface gloss of the delpines…

  • Cornell Finch February 21, 2006 Reply

    hubba. Nothing else, just, hubba! :)

  • eterisk February 22, 2006 Reply

    Beautiful. They look a bit like plastic. The composition is great.

  • Flickr: dolphin_dolphin March 23, 2007 Reply

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    Dolphins Leaping at Shedd

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