Horse Trough in Parnell Place

Horse Trough in Parnell Place

It’s been many years since horses have drunk from this trough in Parnell Place, Cork but it’s great this old street furniture is still here. There’s a similar one on Alfred Street, in front of Mc Loughlin’s.

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    1. I don’t know much about it except that there have been troughs in the city for a long time. They get a mention in these minutes (pdf) of the City Council:

      ‘That further to correspondence in July 2000 as a result of presentations regarding
      the state of repair of Horse Drinking Troughs in Cork City that the Environmental
      Functional Committee be given a full report on location/state of repair etc of all
      such drinking troughs as they represent a very valuable link with the Corks
      heritage and commercial history and as such are worthy of proper care and
      attention. The report to the committee should include locations, photographs,
      status report initially. Where Council workers have removed Horse Troughs this
      should also be noted and the current location of such troughs confirmed.’

      (Proposer: Cllr. T. Brosnan 07/450)

      The report of the Director of Services stated that the Recreational, Amenity and
      Culture Directorate have confirmed that Horse troughs are located at Parnell
      Place, Douglas Street/Langford Row Junction, Lower Glanmire Road/Ship Street
      Junction and at St Lukes Cross. They further confirmed that the troughs are in
      reasonably good condition and are maintained as flower beds by the Councils
      Parks Department, being cleaned and tended to regularly.

      In addition there is an action from the Cork City Heritage Plan 2007-2012 in
      relation to troughs in the city. Action 1.3 is to “Assess and devise a maintenance
      strategy for objects and architectural features of Heritage value e.g. troughs,
      lampposts, kerbing, postboxes etc. This action will build on the existing
      knowledge of the troughs of the city and assist in their maintenance and long term
      care. This action is expected to be carried out in year 4 or 5 of the Plan and is
      dependant on appropriate resources being made available.

      I have a photo of the trough on Alfred Street due to appear in my Old Photos of Cork blog on the 7th of this month. It was probably taken before the 1930s. That photo was the sole reason for me shooting this one in the first place!

  1. That is such a neat picture from the old days. I feel like I traveled back in time to see it being used. Thanks for sending that link! My kids will get a kick out of it, although being 11 y.o. and younger, I’m not sure they can grasp the significance of the history of it, yet. (They refer to the 1990’s as “back in the 19’s”)

  2. Where is it. It is not on google maps now. I fell in there a few times as a child when horses still drank out of it. My grandmother’s house was 19 Parnell place right next to it. Patty O’Boyle\


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