Cork Photowalk Gallery (Montenotte Edition)


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    Sheri September 26, 2009

    The blue 25B door and street love are my favs from this set. 🙂

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    Donncha September 27, 2009

    I love that 25B shot too, I shot it dead center to draw the eye!

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    Jamie Lawrence September 27, 2009

    As I had the telephoto attached there were plenty of shots which I saw but couldn’t take. Luckily, you’ve got them instead!

    Must go through my 170 shots sometime today.

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    Pat O Neill September 27, 2009

    Love the shots of the marina. Forgot how beautiful it is

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    Richard September 27, 2009

    Yes, the marina is amazing from the north side. I think I can see the roof of my house.

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    Pa Dinneen September 28, 2009

    Great day Donnacha, cheers for organising. Nice shots.
    Here’s my selection of shots:

    Best way to view is click on a photo and then on ‘view as a slideshow’ or else just click on a first pic, then on thumbnail in right hand side to view next picture:

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    Des September 28, 2009

    A different view of the Julia !

    Also like the Marina shots.

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    […] is one of the largest ships I have seen in the city centre. Donncha has plenty of photos on his photoblog from which you can appreciate the size of it that little better. Click for […]

  9. Reply November 10, 2009

    That was great a 10 minutes… the memories of Cork. The elegance of the steps, Cork needs more grand houses today, but alas we get stuck with 4 storey mini-versions of grandeur with postage stamp gardens and ultra-white footpaths.

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