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Killeagh Catholic Church

Killeagh Catholic Church

The town of Killeagh in County Cork has a beautiful Catholic Church at one of main street. A neat garden surrounds the building and it’s an eye catching sight for anyone passing through the town. According to a stone embedded in the church wall, it was completed in 1792.

While researching this post I stumbled upon the community site above and then wondered if a similar site existed for Blarney, but no, sadly the main sites you’ll find associated with Blarney belong to local businesses and are commercial affairs. (And for my next project…)

Aperture ƒ/8
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 10mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/100s

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the angle of lean in the church of Ireland (protestant) graveyard headstones in Killeagh is also a sight to behold.

Robert – true them, I did notice that chunk of text was an image, but at least the site isn’t an ugly commercial site like or

Really tempted to register a blarney related domain and put WordPress on there.

I’m still reading through it at the moment. It has me engrossed despite my misgivings about the design.

Plenty of credit too them for setting it up to begin with.

Visited church in 2000…my great great grandparents (Morrissey) were married there and left for the USA towards the end of the famine, I believe. My great grandmother, I did not know, but my mom did…she lived in New Haven CT USA…it was a pleasure to have Father hunt up some info for us in regards to marriage date and children born/died…have reason to believe that older ones remained in Ireland but have beenn unable to trace the line…John and Annie (Honora) came w/their parents to the US..I believe the original church or part of it was destroyed…so the date on the corner stone is probably for the original church

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