Woodford Bourne & Co

Woodford Bourne and Co

The top of Patrick’s Street in Cork is dominated by Mc Donalds, taking over from Mandy’s in the Woodford Bourne & Co building.

Check out this old advert from 1910. You can still recognise the building! Much more information about that structure can be found here. I vaguely remember Mandy’s but don’t remember it before that.

2 thoughts on “Woodford Bourne & Co

  1. I had my 10th birthday in Mandy’s. It was the 1981 equivalent to going to Eurodisney with a Nintendo DSi in your pocket and an iPod in your ears for your birthday (1981 makes this recession look like a holiday). I got a coca-cola bottle shaped radio and we all got those paper hats that are more like sun shades.

    I remember hearing about the Stardust disaster on my coca-cola radio one Saturday morning before the rest of my family! – The 1981 equivalent of having the Internet in your bed!

  2. I don’t think I was ever in Mandy’s. My parents took us to mass in SS Peter and Paul’s Church around the corner each Sunday morning and I remember so often passing the front of the building but it was closed that early on a Sunday.

    I also found this page describing the papers The Boole Library has from Woodford Bourne. Would love to see some of the almanacs described there.

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