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What! The Canon EOS 50D announced already?

Yes, yes, boo hoo, oh woe is me, my Canon 40D arrived on the day the new Canon 50D was announced. If only I had waited, my photos would be so much better with the Canon 50D.

Yeah right. I’ve already stated before that the equipment behind the camera is the most important part of image making. Sure, the camera does matter, but DSLRs are getting to the stage PCs got to a few years ago. Upgrading doesn’t significantly change the game. I’ll upgrade again in maybe 3 years. No rush.

The Canon 50D looks sweet though. 15MP sensor, better ISO, better LCD. Nice upgrade. Roland has linked to a few of the sites previewing or discussing the Canon 50D. The Rob Galbraith page is probably the most readable, but the DPReview preview has a neat comparison table to compare the Canon 50D with the Canon 40D.

DIGIC 4 processor Canon’s next-generation, 14-bit DIGIC 4 processor see its debut in the 50D, and it offers both more functionality and about 30% faster processing speed than the DIGIC III processor in the 40D….

The two cameras’ dimensions, body style and control positions are also the same (though the 50D is fractionally lighter). In a nutshell, the 50D appears to be a 40D with a higher-resolution sensor, revamped image processing, faster CompactFlash write speeds, HDMI video out and a crisp new rear LCD.

Love this pic of the motherboard with the DIGIC 4 processor!

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10 replies on “What! The Canon EOS 50D announced already?”

What? You got a 40D?

Congratulations – I hope you have fun with it.

I looked at the 50D spec. I’m not impressed at all. Yeah, 5 extra MP would be nice, but not spectacular.

And one has to remember – my Canon EOS 350D does the same job it did for me when I bought it.

The one who makes the images is me. And I can do it just as well with an old filmcamera from the 60’s as long as I have control over it (and I just did, with an old Yashica J-7). Personally, I’ve sold of all my af-lenses (except for the Canon EF 50/1.8 II) to replace them with manual focus ones to put on my DSLR, as I discovered I often like the old ones better.

I’d be all pissed, since I just invested in a 40D a couple months ago, but those specs aren’t making me clamor for a new camera. I doubt many of the photos I take will ever even take advantage of the 10 megapixels I have now – not much cropping, and no poster-sized prints.

Dont get tempted in exchanging your 40D camera for a 50D. The 40D is just as good and the difference in specs you will probably would not use that often anyway

With all due respect to everyone else’s opinion… All (ALL) reviews available on line comparing the 40D x 50D describes why the 50D is undeniably a better piece of equipment. If you invested on the 40D and are happy with it, great. After all, this is what matter. Me? Well, I’m going with the 50D and all it’s improvements. Great shooting everyone!

Both cameras are a fine piece of kit, but the 50D has a strong edge. The demand for the 50D has been huge over on our site, and the feedback we have had from our customers has been very strong.

Of course, it is the man (or woman) behind the camera who makes the picture though 😉

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