Chicago Board of Trade

The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) is the world’s oldest futures and options exchange. It was established in 1848 and since 1930 has operated out of this building on 141 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago according to this Wikipedia page.

Possible Batman “The Dark Knight” spoilers ahead. Don’t read on if you’re going to watch the movie!

La Salle is the street directly in front of the building and the location of a scene in the latest Batman movie, “The Dark Knight”. Watch out for the statues and clock in the scene where Batman goes up against the Joker in his truck. It’s quite visible in the background. Moments later you can see the text, “Chicago’s finest …” in a shop window. I thought it was very sloppy of them not to hide those signs of the locality.

Aperture ƒ/13
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 41mm
ISO 800
Shutter speed 1/250s




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    Josef Renklint August 1, 2008

    Nicely framed.

  2. Reply
    Mel August 1, 2008

    “It was established in 1948 and since 1930 has operated…”


  3. Reply
    Donncha August 1, 2008

    Thanks Mel, corrected 🙂

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    […] Salle Street in Chicago ends abruptly in the Chicago Board of Trade at the far end of the street. It’s an unusual street because all the streets in Chicago just […]

  5. Reply
    Bubbles August 9, 2008

    I like this a lot – the lighting and the framing. Nice shot!

  6. Reply
    Panaflex November 30, 2008

    […] I originally took this photo in Chicago (on La Salle, near the CBOT) it was a snapshot of a film crew. I took a few more shots of the crew but I was intrigued by the […]

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