What do scientologists know about mental health?

What do scientologists know about mental health?

A few weeks ago Saor Patrol played in Cork on Patrick’s Street, in front of an appreciative audience who clapped and cheered to the drums and beat of this lively Scottish band.

Unfortunately they were there to publicize an event, “Mental Health Awareness Event” organised by the Church of Scientology, or at least a front organisation for them, CCHR. The event took place in Cork City Hall that weekend. This gent was handing out leaflets and booklets to the crowd and despite all the cheering and clapping and general good humour, he never once smiled. He wore the same dead, dour look the whole time. I asked him if I could take his picture and this is the smile he gave me. Maybe he needs to go see a psychiatrist, or take his vitamins.




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    James July 23, 2008

    Scary. I got a leaflet about this but it was distributed by a seemingly normal person.

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    icedcoffee | words July 23, 2008

    […] at Inphotos (and Holy Shmoly for the tech stuff) is a very talented photographer whose photographs of Cork are […]

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    Matty July 24, 2008

    He looks fairly close to the bottom of this particular pyramid scheme, poor bugger. Except they’re smarter than that….

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