Spectators on the beach

The hang gliding crowd attracted a bit of a crowd on Inch Beach in 2006. Well, it was late September and there wasn’t that many people on the beach in the first place, so 2 people isn’t so bad, eh?

Hunger got the best of us and we watched as a powered plane flew high up in the air. I don’t think any of the gliders made it up that day because the winds weren’t right.




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    Thomas February 10, 2008

    Stunning wide angle shot. I love the relaxed look of those two spectators. Very cool.

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    Flickr: frenchsvilla February 10, 2008

    great light donnacha love the colour tones. excellent stuff
    you got the lens back then

    good stuff

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    Flickr: Donncha @ InPhotos.org February 10, 2008

    frenchsvilla – I wish. This was taken in 2006, but I do have a wide angle lens again. My boss, Matt, is moving to the Nikon camp, and gave me his Canon 10-22! Lovely lens and already got some keepers with it!

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